Name: Bon

Race: Caucasian

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

Hobbies: Song writing, killing wild animals (Canadian Geese), damaging his liver.

Bio: Bon is a prolific songwriter and performer. Not to be confused with former AC/DC lead singer Bon Scott, or Bon's close resemblance to current AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson (both of whom Bon has filed suit against to cease and desist - Bon Scott is being sued posthumously to stop using Playa Bon's name, and Brian Johnson is currently being sued to refrain from having an appearance similar to Playa Bon's). Bon was forced to grow a mustache in efforts to distinguish himself from these people.

Bon enjoys many things. He drinks heavily, and will not pass up a chance to kill one of God's creatures, particularly if that creature is endangered or federally protected by law (see Wayne's lawsuits). In fact, Bon is virtually non-discriminatory is what he will kill if given the opportunity, and that includes humans. Bon may appear passive in his Izod cardigan sweater, but he is anything but. Do not mess with this Playa.


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