The Guv'na

Name: Manny, aka, "The Guv'na"

Race: Caucasian

Birthplace: Worchestershire, England - moved to Doraville, Georgia at the age of 3.

Hobbies: Bi-cycling, pipe smoking, gentlemanly leisure

Bio: The Guv'na is a playa of refined culture. Born across the Atlantic in merry-old England, Guv'na's family moved to Doraville, Georgia at a very young age. While it was not immediately known as to why the family moved, it was believed that the Guv'na's father had made a blood oath to country singer Sonny James, promising James that he would join him in writing country music in exchange for James' reportedly delivering baby Guv'na in the back of a conversion van one stormy England night.

The Guv'na is known to love the High-Wheel Bicycle, and rides one all about town, handing out candy canes to the neighborhood children. A jolly chap, Guv'na is often seen entertaining patrons at the local pub, telling tales of mirth and merriment, before ultimately vomiting on himself and stumbling home. The Guv'na has soiled 4 mink coats in his lifetime with this behavior. All were his own.

Died, August 23, 2006

Alive, December 20, 2006


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