Name: Phil

Race: Unknown

Birthplace: On the banks of the Tigris River

Hobbies: Record producing, watching television

Favorite Dish: Doughnuts and bourbon

Bio: Phil and Bon met at a very young age and later was introduced to the Playaz through Bon, as Bon's record producer. Although Phil and Bon have never produced an actual record together, Phil continues to work tirelessly to promote the Playaz.

Phil enjoys wearing Kangols, as do many of the other Playaz, and turtlenecks. With his extraordinarily unhealthy diet, one that surpasses even Tac's, Phil is not expected to live beyond his 45th birthday. Phil lives on a steady diet of doughnuts, plain hamburgers, chicken fingers, and Jack Daniels bourbon.

Phil is married and has twin girls. The twins were recently tested and were found to have different fathers.


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