Name: Wayne

Race: Caucasian / Native American

Birthplace: Inside a Quonset hut in Frog Hollow, Georgia

Hobbies: Wayne has no time for hobbies.

Bio: A local barrister, Wayne is not only a Playa himself, but also serves as the Playaz attorney. Wayne has defended the Playaz from various lawsuits stemming from: dog maulings, un-tamed shrubbery growth, destruction of property backstage at Knott's Berry Farm, murder of nationally protected and endangered species, theft of property, and felony mayhem.

Wayne starts each day pant-less and pensive, before donning said pants and carrying on about his daily routine. Wayne has 14 children, all boys, and all 1 year apart.

Little known fact: Aside from his legal expertise, Wayne is also known to have the ability to deliver a powerful kick to the groin area.


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